Having the same exact conversation every time you meet a new person

Whilst it's great to meet new people whilst traveling the world, it's brain numbing having the same conversation each and everytime you bump into someone new. "Where are you from?" "Where are you going?" "How long have you go left?"

Listening to the ar*ehole that likes to tell everyone how many countries they have visited

There's always one that likes to show off and show you every passport stamp that they've collected whilst on their travels. Honestly, no one cares...

Saying goodbye

You'll meet some awesome friends on the way, but there comes a time when it's time to separate and you both go your own way. It never gets easier saying goodbye (well, to some people)

Sex in the dorm rooms

Sometimes it's better to just pay that little extra for that private room

That short-lived romance

When you think you've met the love of your life until you need to catch your flight to India and they have to catch their flight to Australia.

Seeing the word FREE

You'll do anything and everything to get your hands on it

Having to be social all the time in the hostel

Sometimes you just want to chill and have sometime to yourself