Customers often ask Personalised Luggage why we use a TSA lock on our luggage, and even more-so “Where is the key to my lock?!” Well there’s a perfectly good reason we promise! We didn’t forget your key, and you’ll still be able to get in your case.

TSA stands for Travel Sentry Approved and Travel Sentry is “The Global Standard for Travel Security”.

Why is this better than your own lock? Well we’ll tell you why… Travel security authorities all conduct additional luggage checks after you have handed over your luggage and international treaties actually require that ALL luggage is screened before loading onto passenger airlines. This means when you hand over your suitcases at check in, and use your own padlock. You’re risking the chance of having it forcibly removed to gain access to your things. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal scenario! A broken lock and you don’t know exactly WHO has been in your case! The TSA lock on our suitcases avoids this calamity. Travellers can keep their case protected, whilst the airport security can gain access using their TSA key, which is only available to security authorities worldwide. This also makes it more unlikely that airport staff will feel the need to search your case. By opting for a TSA case, you’re assuring the airport security that there is nothing to worry about. So next time you order any Personalised Luggage. You know you’re going to get through customs safer and more efficiently than the crowd!