1. An aircraft door can be opened during a flight

Myth: The cabin doors can only be opened if the pressure on the inside and outside of the aircraft are virtually the same.
You get drunk more quickly when flying

We won’t bore you with the figures, but we can assure you that this force is far greater than the muscle power of the strongest passenger. In short, you can not just open the door at cruising altitude. Once the plane has landed, the pressure difference is minimised and the doors can be opened.

2. You get drunk more quickly when flying

Myth: You may get tipsy a little more quickly, because the air on board is drier (which is why you should drink more water) and cabin pressure is lower than on the ground. People are also more inclined to take sleeping pills or sedatives when flying. And they don’t mix well with alcohol, as you probably know.

3. There is no row 13 aboard an aircraft

Fact: At KLM for example, you’ll have a hard time finding row 13, because this is considered an unlucky number in many countries. We’re not superstitious, but you can never be too sure, right?

4. You can get sucked into an aircraft toilet

Myth: Although it certainly sounds likely when you push the button and hear that loud sucking sound…

5. Cabin crew are allowed to arrest a passenger

Fact: At the request (and on behalf) of the captain, cabin crew are indeed allowed to arrest a passenger.

6. Cabin crew have to meet height requirements

Fact: This is true! For KLM for example the crew have to be somewhere between 1.58 m and 1.90 m tall.

7. Pilots are rich

Not necessarily. According to a pilot from Jet Blue, it takes a long time to work up to a good salary. Starting out, you can only expect about £20,500, and working your way up to the top takes time and hard work.