It’s sometimes pretty difficult to keep up with all the latest airport security changes, so Personalised Luggage have compiled a list of the top 8 questions we often get asked.

1. Can I carry liquids and gels in my carry-on?

You can, but only a limited amount can be carried per customer. Currently you can carry no more than 100 millilitres and the liquid must be placed inside one clear bag (usually available at the airport, but you can speed up your security experience by planning ahead and putting all liquids in a clear bag before leaving for the airport.) If you need to carry more than 100 millilitres of liquid, simply place them in your checked luggage.

2. Can I pour shampoo and other liquids into an unmarked container?

Yes you can. Stores such as Primark and Boots sell clear containers which can hold 100 millilitres of liquid. So if you’re shampoo bottle exceeds the requirements, then either put it in your checked luggage or in one of these containers in your hand luggage.

3. Can I bring food and drink from beyond the security checkpoint on-board?

Yes, anything you purchase in duty free / beyond the security checkpoint can be brought on-board the plane with you.

4. Can I bring tweezers, razors and scissors on-board

You can take on-board both tweezers and disposable razors and their cartridges however, straight razors are only permitted in checked luggage. Scissors can be brought on-board, but the blade must not exceed four inches.

5. How early do I need to arrive at the airport?

A rule of thumb for domestic flights is to arrive no later than 2 hours prior to departure and with internationally flights you must arrive considerably earlier. Upon booking your flight, you will be notified of when the gate closes, so remember to plan accordingly.

6. What’s the best way to carry presents?

We would recommend putting any presents that may already be wrapped up in your checked luggage. The TSA may unwrap anything carried in hand luggage for inspection.

7. Can I lock my checked in luggage?

You can, but we would recommend having a TSA lock on your suitcase. All of our suitcases come with TSA locks, which will allow the TSA to open and inspect your suitcase without having to force entry and possibly causing damage to the case.

8. Can I carry on-board my electronics?

You are permitted to carry on electronics such as digital cameras, straighteners, hairdryers,  e-readers, iPods and game consoles but you should be prepared to remove these at the security checkpoint for inspection. Our top tip would be to pack these items towards the top of your luggage so you can easily remove them.