Avoid sitting near the wings and the toilets

As the jet noise is usually louder adjacent to and behind the engines, you’ll be more likely to have a quieter flight if you take a seat in front of the engines and secondly, by all means avoid sitting next to the toilet. Whilst it’s convenient, you’re more likely to be woken up by slamming doors, lights, really unpleasant odours and crowds of passengers waiting their turn.

Dress comfortably

Every flight I’ve been on, there’s always someone with shorts on, shivering in their seat because it’s a cold flight. Whilst you don’t know whether it will be hot or cold before you board, plan for both. Wear a comfortable pair of joggers, baggy t-shirt and bring along a hoody just in case you get a bit nippy. It is common that some travellers bring along their own jammies, as they find it more comfortable and easier to fall asleep.  

Pop the pills

Consult a doctor on the best pharmaceutical intervention if you’ve had trouble falling asleep on a plane. Our top tip would be to test drive any pills prior to your trip as medicines can have the opposite effect for some people.

Get the window seat

If you can, reserve the window seat so you can prop a pillow or a jumper against the wall of the plane to rest your head on and unlike the aisle seat if you fall asleep, you won’t have to be woken up every time when your seatmate wants to go to the toilet.

Pick the right pillow

Not everyone sleeps the same, so one travel pillow might work wonders for one person, but might not have the same effect for another. There is a vast range of travel pillows out there so do your research.

Wear an eye mask

“Light is the most powerful regulator of your biological clock” according to the National Sleep Foundation. Trick your body in thinking its night time, grab yourself an eye mask. A number of airlines to provide eye masks, however they simply aren’t sturdy or dark enough compared to a number of others that are available. 

Noise-cancelling headphones

A personal favourite. I use Bose noise-cancelling headphones which removes the loud noise of the cabin and engine. If you prefer to sleep in silence, try downloading a white-noise track.  

Bring only one carry-on

Selected airlines allow you to bring one carry-on and one “personal item” but often space is limited and you will likely store your “personal item” under or in front of your seat, which will take up precious legroom which in turn makes it harder to get comfortable and sleep.