So, you’re next in line to go through security, and they call you over and ask you to lift your check in luggage on the table, along with any other processions before passing through the metal detector. Before you know it, you’ve successfully passed through the metal detector and the towering security personnel ushers you over “Excuse me sir, please can you follow me…” Armed with his blue latex gloves and coffee breath, the security guy asks “why are you carrying £500,000 worth of a Class A drug?” and points towards your luggage bag… Whilst (I hope) you’re not stupid enough to even consider transporting drugs through customs, you are stupid enough to personalise your luggage to look like you are stupid enough to transport drugs through customs… Whilst this will surely get you strip searched at the airport and raise a few eyebrows from those coated with a thinner-than-average skin, can assure you that you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with your very own personalised suitcase, but perhaps not this design! The fun doesn’t stop there… Just look at people’s faces when your luggage is going round the carousel. PS: To your relief (or disappointment), we don’t stock this particular template, however you can design your very own suitcase simply by uploading your own photo, text or logo.