From a simple thumbs up to eating with your left hand here’s our list of 6 ways to offend people when traveling.

1. Don’t eat with your left hand

This is mainly adopted in India and some parts of Africa, whereby the locals reserve their left hand for use in the bathroom and their right hand for eating food.

2. Never fill your own glass

I love this one! In Japan and you finish you alcoholic beverage whilst in company of others, don’t refill your own glass but instead refill a friend’s, in the hope they return the favour.

3. Call “shotgun”

From experience, it is good practice as a solo traveller to sit in the front of a taxi in Australia or New Zealand, as the taxi driver can be offended. This attitude is not uncommon, according to "Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands," a book on business behaviour, and stems from Australians' disdain of class distinctions.

4. Thumbs down on your thumbs up, Sir

A thumbs up in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Italy or Greece basically translates into “up yours” – so keep your thumbs up to yourself!

5. How odd

If you fall in love in Ukraine, be careful not to send an even number of flowers as this is reserved for funeral bouquets – could get a bit awkward!

6. Keep your feet to yourself

In counties such as India and the Middle East, the bottom of the foot is considered the lowest and most unclean part of the body and is considered disrespectful in most Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries.