Artwork guidelines

We’re here to help.

Take a look at our helpful guide for preparing print ready files to ensure there are no delays to processing your order.

Download your luggage template

We can provide the specific template for each of our Personalised Luggage cases to ensure you upload the best possible files for your project.

Whilst designing your masterpiece, please ensure that the artwork covers the whole template, and that the most essential and focal points to your design are within the safe zones, indicated in green.

Upon completion, export your files as a PDF, PNG or JPG.

Add your artwork

Using our easy-to-use online editor, effortlessly adds the images you have prepared to the canvas. Once the image is applied, simply close the image panel and then click the expand button to automatically fit your image perfectly to the case.

You are then free to explore the various editing tools we have to offer, by including text, colours or simply your initials.

Check out!

This is where you can see how your order will appear using our state-of-the art 3D preview feature. Once you’re happy with the finished product, simply add your item to your basket and check out.

Put your feet up.

Relax, you’ve done your bit - it’s now our turn to do ours. At Personalised Luggage, we endeavour to print and ship our customer’s orders as soon as possible. For more information regarding delivery timelines please visit our Delivery Page.

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